The Weez's Beard Madness


Welcome to my awesome creation, the first ever Weez’s Beard Madness.  That’s right, it’s a tournament of beards.  But not just any beards.  Glorious, full flowing, examples of facial perfection…and they will rock.  Over the next few days, 16 of the most delicious beards will match up against each other to determine the National BW38 Beard Champion.  Let’s face it, everyone in this tournament is a winner. Why?  Because I have chosen them.  But we are going to let you, the fan, determine who should be crowned the champion of the madness I’ve created.   As for the prize, it’s a secret, but I assure you it is quite awesome.  

Oh, and to make it interesting, I’ve also recruited the four best celebrity beards known to man.  Take a look…no, your eyes are not deceiving you.  

Follow the directions below and let the voting begin.  It’s time to RAGE!

So now that you know how to vote, check out today’s matchups and the entire beard brack


et below. The winners will advance after the votes have been tallied from 9am to 8pm PST the day of the matchup with the results being posted the next day.

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