Wilson Loves His Boston Celtics

BW 12

The great debate that will go on forever has now gone viral. What is the greatest basketball team of all-time? The great of people of 2K Sports, the ones behind the new NBA 2K12, decided to ask some celebrities who they think it should be. People ranging from Michael Jordan to Drake are all giving their reasons for who they think it is, but none is funnier than that of San Francisco Giants All-Star closer, Brian Wilson.

Wilson explains why he thinks the 1985-86 Boston Celtics are the greatest team ever assembled in the NBA. He pointed out the greats that were on the roster such as Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, and

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Robert Parrish. Showing his knowledge in the history of the team as well, stating the home record of the team in both regular and postseason.

But there were some reasons that people might not have known before Brian Wilson made it apparent. “If you were to take all those players and put them into a blender of greatness, you would get a strawberry milkshake, because they are sweet,” shares Wilson. Finishing it out with “Their mascot is a leprechaun. Who doesn’t like leprechauns?”

As Wilson put it himself, the video is “Gold.” Watch it here.