Analytics with insight.

Emberbase allows you to understand your customers, find bugs early, and experiment to maximize your business.

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See how your customers are using your app and gain valuable insight.

We empower your team to gain a deeper understanding of your users' behavior, helping you create a more engaging app.

Session Recordings

We take recordings of actual users using your app, letting you discover and resolve usability and performance issues early.


We collect various events from your users so you can gauge the overall health of your app, where your users are from, and how they're using your app.


Detect crashes before they become a widespread problem.

With monitoring and alerting through Emberbase, you'll never be caught off guard again by a serious flaw in your software.


We catch bugs that slip through the cracks, and can provide a stacktrace as well as a recording for the crash, helping your team know exactly what went wrong.


Maximize the value of each and every user.

We provide built-in A/B testing and reporting tools to give your team the power to always be improving your app with the quantitative data to back up your business decisions.


With our simple to use experimentation, you can test virtually any part of your app, truly maximizing the value of each session.

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